The lighting solutions ARGIA bring significant savings, fast payback period, and better quality of lighting in all your workplaces and departments.  

We provide professional services regarding measuring, planning and designing, installation, financing and maintenance; all these with high requirements with respect to quality and reliability.


  • Technical audit

    We will get to known your business and its specific needs properly, then according to its technical alignment we will consider the possibility of additional savings using intelligent lighting.

  • Light study

    With the informations obtained during the technical audit, we will prepare the detailed light study including technical 3D model, lighting and control system design and the installation plan. We will secure the light where it is really needed and save wherever possible.

  • Economic analysis

    The study will be accompanied by the energy savings calculation and the investment return time estimation, along with the specific way the contract will be financed. One of the possibilities is to pay from the future savings of the new LED lighting.

  • Realization

    The installation itself is provided by our team of professionals with an emphasis on quality, speed and minimal constraints on existing traffic of your business. If you want to use the services of your own technicians instead, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation for the installation.

  • Monitoring and maintenance

    We will still be in touch with you even after the installation is complete. We will regularly evaluate the behavior of the light system and, if necessary, propose optimization of the control system, as well as the necessary service and maintenance.


On average, we save our customers 65% of energy and improve the lighting quality and the quality of their working conditions at the same time.